Hi guys,

In the last few years, I have been working on some projects and adding some of my own sound to them. I love to work with musicians trying to enhance their music in every possible way.

Since there was increased interest in my playing, I decided to do it in the most organized and professional way. I have now my own studio recording and I can produce better sounds and creative arrangements in a quiet and appropriate environment.
However, there are a few rules I have to follow in order to get myself on board in a project:

– The recording time needs to be during my schedule. It mostly means when I’m not touring. If your calendar matches mine, that’s great!

– I MUST feel that I can enhance your music with my playing. You see, there are songs that don’t need anything more than what they already have. Sometimes there is no need to add more sound and I really need to feel that my playing is adding something else. Otherwise there is no sense at all. So, let me hear your track first and let’s talk from there.

– Fees: To give you an estimated fee for my job, I need to listen to your track to see what I can do there. The Stick, in good hands, is an incredible versatile instrument that can be used as a bass line, guitar line, piano-both-hands line, analog ambient loop line, or arrangements, etc. So, let’s talk about it.

That’s all. The rest of it is just to enjoy music!
As you may know, the work system is easy: you send me your draft track (and tempo) in mp3. We discuss it. I will record my parts in my studio. I will send you the separated WAV files ready to use in your project.

all the best,
Guillermo Cides