Hi there,

Some of the natural progression of my career as a stick player has been learning to record my own stick albums. Especially to generate a unique sound from a series of techniques, concepts, ways of playing in the recording studio, and arrangements of songs.

Over time, I received requests from stick players to produce their albums. And I discovered an interesting world there: seeing through the eyes of other musicians and understanding the concept of their music objectively.

In recent years I have produced several Stick artists. Working with musicians begins long before entering the recording studio. I’ll attempt to give a brief overview for those who are interested:

– Weekly meetings to work on the technique of playing the stick, as well as the arrangements and composition of their songs. As a producer, I am striving to lead the music towards a clear and defined concept during this time.

– Once the musician has a series of songs ready, we record them in my studio in Spain. Since I have accommodations for them, the recording week is divided into dinners, breakfasts, and a lot of work.

– After recording, I work on mixing and mastering, creating the final album.

– Once the album is finished, we create a website for the artist. There will be all their songs, biography, photos, audio downloads, album sales, or simply a place where everyone can listen to the work.

That’s all, and the dream of many musicians of having their own album has come true.
It’s important to note that I’ve collaborated with both professional musicians and beginners who aspire to compose and record their own songs. The results have always been good, and here I will only present some example albums.

If you’re interested in this, please contact me.

all the best,
Guillermo Cides

Examples of artists I have been working with:

Creation and mastering of Stick player Compilation:


Some of my own studio recording: