╰▶ I’m proud to announce the release of Gustavo Menéndez album. He is a great composer and one of my “Skype student”. Gustavo have nice compositions and we had been working under the “Stickists Training Artist Project”, a series of meeting where we work not only with the Stick technique but all the related thing associate to artist developing including sound management, song constructions, live performances and album recording, which is finally released today. Gustavo was also recently part of The Silent Stick Tour where we played for more than 20 gigs.

◉ Preview of songs & buy: https://menendezgustavo.bandcamp.com/releases
Direct contact: menendezgustavo@gmail.com

Next artist release of “Stickists Training Artist Project”: Nelson Aristizabal (Colombia) presenting original music from Colombia played with Stick.

◉ [**Are you interested in the Skype lessons & the Artist Training Project? Contact me.]