Hi everyone,
I’m back to one of my favorite aspects of music: working with other musicians.


◉ Chapman Stick Meetings

* Techniques? Let’s go wild with that.

* Build a strong practice and performance confidence.

* Concentrate on the most important aspects of practice and performance.

* Whether we’re beginners or professionals, we all have our own limits to deal with.

* Distractions and doubts.

* Recognize your own mistakes while performing.

* Enhance your performance and communication of your song to your audience.

* Manage “hostile” possible situations in different places.

* Plan concerts that are appropriate and effective.

* Build confidence by utilizing effective pre-performance routines.

* Incorporate mental rehearsal, imagery, and positive routines into preparation

* Develop effective and efficient practice plans.

* Optimize your performance in concerts, auditions, or other situations, just as you do in practice.

* Have fun performing well in front of others.

* Deal with anxiety or fear while performing.

* Practice improvisation and have a good time on stage.

* Take pleasure in making mistakes and work with them.

* Work with your own songs and get the greatest possible emotional experience from them.

* Enhance your sound.

* Optimize your soundcheck time to achieve a good performance.

* The system of memorizing the hard and easy parts of a song.

* Enhance the musical energy during a concert.

* Enhance the utilization of effects.

* Get your songs ready for possible album recording (advanced coaching).

The meetings may include lesson techniques, but I aim to go beyond the usual lessons. My aim is to overcome the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your desired improvement. Each musician is unique, and it’s a work that is completely personal. My work is to understand you and help you improve your musical potential. My background knowledge is based on my own experience playing Stick in live concerts in many different situations, including solo concerts, bands, tours, recordings, and teaching.

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See ya!
Guillermo Cides